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wednesday, march 07, 2012

Tempo Run

Distance: 6.02 miles
Time: 50:21
Pace: 8:21

Comments: Good lord this was brutal. I got out about noon hoping the winds from overnight had died down a bit. They had... a bit. The temperature was certainly cool enough to make this a reasonable effort but the second half against the wind was horrible.

Going out I knew I was in trouble because of the waves on the canal and the ease of hitting a sub-eight pace. I felt pretty good but not that good. I figured I would stick with it while I had it and that's about all that kept this from getting really ugly.

After the turnaround at mile three it was a battle the whole way. The weather said 15 mile gusts but the canal corridor served as a funnel for the breeze to whoosh down unimpeded. And the water was whitecapping at this point.

I got through two miles to make it a solid five at an 8:07 pace, took a short rest and just did what I had to in order to finish mile six. It turned out to be a very hard-earned 9:37 effort. Yeesh.

Hour: 12:15 p.m.
Surface: dirt
Weather: clear
Temperature: 59 degrees
Humidity: 19 percent
Wind: 15 mph gusts
Location: Western Canal, Chandler, Arizona
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Sequence 3

Injury update: Nada.

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