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sunday, march 04, 2012

Long Run

Distance: 6.00 miles
Time: 50:47
Pace: 8:27

Comments: This one gets classified as a long run simply because it was the longest of the week. I gave myself and extra day off and pushed this one to today in order to maximize the amount of rest for my right quad. I also kept this at six miles at a reasonable, but not overly fast, pace.

I didn't really focus on my speed at all this effort, just turnover and that kept me in pretty good shape pacewise. The first four miles were all under 8:30 and the last two above but not with a really dramatic dropoff or anything. Due to the pulled quad I was concentrating far more on how my legs felt than holding a steady pace.

Hour: 9:30 a.m.
Surface: asphalt/concrete
Weather: clear
Temperature: 63 degrees
Humidity: 24 percent
Wind: calm
Location: Chandler, Arizona
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Sequence 3

Injury update: Nothing to speak of.

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