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monday, february 20, 2012

Track Work

Distance: 4.26 miles
Time: 29:08

Comments: This was a lot of short distances at high speed. When I say I hate speed work, this is why. It simply hurts like hell to do. But before I complain too much I have to note that it's lot easier to do this on cooler days like today than later in the summer when the temperatures are in the triple digits.

I've gone back through some of the literature lately looking for things I can work on without putting too much pressure on myself. Sometimes we get so hung up on pace and speed we forget there are so many little elements to running that, if you work on them, will deliver those down the line.

The thing I've decided to work on is turnover. Trying to keep my steps as quick and consistent as possible -- just varying the length of the stride as necessary. Dean had us do a pair of 400s to warm up for the workout with the caveat they had to be as close to the same time as possible. Instead of focusing on my speed I simply tried to replicate the turnover of my steps and, waddaya know, I nailed it.

The strategy helped quite a bit on the ensuing 200s as well. The first one was overfast but I didn't want to fall off precipitously on the back end of the workout. Dean gave me a break by not having me do the extra half mile the rest of the guys did but, after blowing through my dozen 200s, there wasn't enough left in my legs to do another four anyway.

Again, I really worked on the consistency in my turnover and tried not to get concerned about pace. When I could feel myself start to falter I pumped even harder with my arms to force myself into the turnover repetition I was aiming for.

The result was pretty good. Except for the first lap, all of my 200s hit between 41 and 43 seconds with the majority of them on the lower end. I pushed myself as hard as I could on the last one but simply couldn't get below 40 seconds. Which was a good sign I did the workout right, I believe

Hour: 6:00 p.m.
Surface: track
Weather: partly cloudy
Temperature: 64 degrees
Humidity: 27 percent
Wind: calm
Location: Marco de Niza High School, Chandler, Arizona
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Sequence 3M

Injury update: My quads were suffering through this one and my right one was extremely sore during the cool down lap and after. Sore, but not any kind of sharp pull-type pain.

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