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wednesday, january 21, 2009

Running Log/Goal Pace Run

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 45:45
Garmin link

Comments: Got out there a bit late due to an avalanche of busy work this morning but felt pretty motivated when I did. Initially I was just planning to put in six miles at better-than-easy pace but things went much better than that.

I got the first mile in pretty smoothly and felt strong as well as consistent in the effort. I knew it was a bit fast pace-wise but I decided to keep it going and try and make a stab at goal pace without looking at the garmin. Turns out I was relatively close.

I averaged 7:22 per mi on the middle four miles - right under goal pace. That's leavened by the fact those miles got progressively slower, from 7:08 down to 7:36 (the same pace as my first "warm up" mile). Condition looking good, stamina and strength less so.

Although I took the first mile pretty fast, I treated the final mile as a cool-down for a normal goal pace run. Which was kind of necessary since I really didn't have the energy in me to push another mile under 7:30 per mi pace.

Bottom line, this is - by far - the best run I've had in quite a while and certainly for this year.

Hour: 10:43 a.m.
Surface: asphalt/concrete
Weather: clear
Temperature: 68 degrees
Humidity: 27 percent
Wind: calm
Location: Chandler, Arizona
Shoes: Nike Equalon2
Con Musica
Injury update: Wore the orthotic for the second time and had no problem with it. My right hip was stiff to start but not with the sharpness of recent efforts. No other real issues to report.

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