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thursday, july 14, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4:09 miles
Time: 50:01

Comments: I looked at the calendar today and saw that there are just fourteen weeks left until this race. That's basically three months to get my strength up to point I can survive. Not a lot of time at all.

Coach Dean said that means we need to start looking at more distance which didn't come as much of a surprise. Obviously, the time has come to finish these workouts no matter how gruesome they get. And no better time to start than the present.

Last week I cut short the speed/strength workout and this week I was resolved to get it done. Basically eight reps with two of them for 800m instead of the usual 400m. The weather was a lot more conducive to the effort but it turned into a haul nonetheless. read more

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thursday, july 07, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 2:85 miles
Time: 32:07

Comments: Another terrible workout. While I wasn't really dreading it like sometimes happens, I really couldn't get into this workout for some reason. Not only did I feel sluggish and unfocused, the weather was back into that super-hot and humid mode that makes it even harder.

I did the first three laps pretty well and then pushed to get the 800 meter fourth lap. That pretty much shot my bolt. I did one more and that was it. I probably could have toughed it out but given the amount that my time fell off on the last 400 meters - more than 10 seconds, I doubted I would be doing myself any good.

I'll try and get six miles in tomorrow to at least get the distance in for the week.

Hour: 7:00 p.m. read more

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thursday, june 30, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4:38 miles
Time: 55:33

Comments: The workout kind of loomed over me all day due to the difficulty I've had over the past few weeks. Speed/Strength is always the toughest workout of the week and that's even worse when the temperatures are past the century mark. It's not that I was dreading it, I just was a little concerned of how my performance would be.

The plan was to build on the progress from last week - eight laps and one extra without the exercises. I got started a little before the main group since the constant whining about the workout on the part of the high school kids was really getting on my nerves. read more

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thursday, june 23, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.53 miles
Time: 42:57

Comments: I knew this was gonna be a tough one and so it was. Temperatures were just as brutal as yesterday and I definitely had a touch of fatigue in the legs. But that's to be expected with my first back-to-back workout of this training period.

The goal was speed strength with one more than last week. I started with the intention of trying to get eight in but dialed back to one more than what I did last week. Thus a set of seven with the exercises, full recovery and then a 400 as good as I could go.

Overall this was tough but much more within my abilities. The 400s were hard but I wasn't simply hanging on to get through them. I still have a lot of strength to gain but I'm at least starting to see some improvement on the conditioning side. read more

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thursday, june 16, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.19 miles
Time: 37:20

Comments: Not my finest hour. While I felt pretty good during the day and was hoping for a solid step forward with this workout, it turned out to be one of those horrible efforts you dread every time you put on the shoes.

It wasn't so much I was in pain or sore or anything, there just wasn't anything at all in the tank. My first lap felt like a dead sprint and it was barely at my median pace thus far in the training. Things got worse from there. Eventually I put in a 1:50 lap. Atrocious.

Still, I'm not overly upset about it. The temperature was horrific and the wind wasn't exactly ideal either. Moreover, these crappy workouts happen from time to time. They don't necessarily indicate a collapse in conditioning in and of themselves. I'll get a better idea of where I am at after this weekend run. read more

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monday, june 13, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.56 miles
Time: 42:00

Comments:The trail run on Saturday walloped me good on Sunday. I felt better than I expected this morning but I knew the workout would be a bear. The rest of the group was doing speed stuff but I decided to stick to my strength routine. Partly out of concern for injury.

Still, I did the first lap with the group's "5K pace" which, as usual, was significantly faster than 5K pace. I rolled in at 87 seconds and, interestingly, felt pretty good the whole way. I knew I'd pay for it later in the workout but it was nice to just let 'er rip for once. read more

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thursday, june 09, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.50 miles
Time: 40:23

Comments: Got to chat with Coach a bit before this workout and filled him in on my marathon plans. He thought it was a doable plan and made a few suggestions to handling the training. So I guess we are good to go in that department.

As for today's workout, he urged me to pull back on the number of reps and focus more on the quality of the ones I was doing. He also switched the bleacher runs with 10 yards of lunges to do more work on the quads. These, it turned out, whipped my ass.

As usual, the goal is to keep the 400 times consistent and my first three were reasonable. Yet after the first set of exercises I could tell there was going to be a pretty severe dropoff. The last three 400s were a struggle to get it down to 100 seconds. read more

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monday, june 06, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.72 miles
Time: 46:33

Comments: With the decision to enter the race, the motivation issues pretty much evaporated. I have to really maximize my build-up effort and no better time to get started than today.

Coach Dean and I had decided on a speed strength workout last week and when Rob said there was a different schedule I opted to stick with the original plan. I'm pretty happy with the lack of injury issues thus far and pushing it with speed work too soon doesn't make much sense to me.

Typically, speed/strength workouts involve eight laps (one 400 with a series of exercises at the end of each; crunches, pushups, the jumpy things and one ascent of the bleachers) but I decided to stay with the more conservative six. That'll work out since I'll end up with two of these workouts this week. read more

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monday, september 20, 2010

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3:93 miles
Time: 25:43

Comments: I really felt pretty "blah" today. Not sore but tired and listless. Not to mention unmotivated. I got out to the track and talked with Coach Dean a bit about our plan for this next month as well as the workout. The same as the last few weeks, just with one more lap to the pile.

I started out pretty strong but didn't feel like I was setting the world on fire. Still, the time wasn't bad and the goal here was consistency not setting a land speed record. So I kept trying for a solid first 200 meters and then hang on for the back half. read more

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monday, september 13, 2010

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4.09 miles
Time: 30:17

Comments: I flew back from Alabama today and realized I would have sufficient time to get to the track for the workout tonight.

Given that I was on my feet all day Saturday for the game and slogged through a long run yesterday, I was a little apprehensive about another intense workout so soon. But Coach seemed to think that my strength level has been good enough to handle it.

The plan was to do the same workout as last week which I didn't complete; eight speed/strength laps with one in the middle of two laps. I told coach I'd try to put it earlier in the workout to keep the pace up. And I did. The second lap. read more

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monday, september 06, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4.09 miles
Time: 30:17

Comments: It is just a few hours until I head off to Tuscaloosa so I was feeling pretty pumped for the workout. I took my MP3 player to keep the momentum going and knocked out a brisk warm up mile.

Instead of another speed strength lap, Coach wanted me to put a half-mile in the middle somewhere. Which is roughly the same effect. Since I was feeling so up to star I decided to crank out the first 400 super fast and then settle into the pace (the opposite of what I had been doing in recent weeks).

So I kept the music on the first one and blew through a 78 second 400 meter. I then did the exercises and did a pretty quick second one as well without the headset. Then, another good one with the music back on. And then I realized I screwed up. read more

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monday, august 30, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4.52 miles
Time: 41:00

Comments: My sister came over after 5:00 and we headed to the track even though it was way early for the workout. I got in my warm-up mile but took off for the workout just as everyone got there. I knew what it was supposed to be (speed strength but with one more lap than last week) and I didn't want too cool down too much before getting to it.

After the strong trail work over the weekend I was hoping to feel more in control today but it really wasn't there. I clearly was faster and had a lot more strength at my disposal. My average 400 time was 90 seconds, a full eight seconds off the first workout two weeks ago and a solid six seconds off last week's effort. Of course the ten degree difference in temperature had a lot to do with that as well. read more

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tuesday, august 24, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 2.9 miles
Time: 21:16

Comments: There was some kind of to do at the high school so the parking lot was packed. I had to drive around the block for a spot. It was like going to the clubs back in Dallas. As a result, I was a bit later that everyone else.

Which didn't matter much since I was doing speed strength and they were doing whatever horrid spectacle of pain Coach Dean had dreamed up. I was a little apprehensive to really pile it on after Saturday's run but Dean said it should be fine. So the goal was a total of seven -- one more than last week.

And I have to say, the first felt pretty good. I was on point, focused and in control. I knew it wouldn't last given the heat but it was nice to have that sensation again. By the third lap, it was pretty much done. read more

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tuesday, august 17, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4 miles (approx)
Time: 43.28

Comments: First time back at the track in quite awhile. As one would expect given that situation, the workout was good ole speed/strength.

Things progressed pretty much as I expected. I was nowhere near ready for the workout but not completely at a loss to complete it either. The first few were extremely sloppy and my strength was pretty much gone for the last ones.

Still, after blasting out a stupidly fast first 400 the rest hovered in the 1:40 range (my average time worked out to just more than 1:38). That's pretty much what Coach Dean and I were expecting for this effort. read more

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