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tuesday, february 28, 2012

Track Work

Distance: 1.1 mile
Time: 9:18

Comments: The warm-up lap didn't suck.

Hour: 6:00 p.m.
Surface: track
Weather: partly cloudy
Temperature: 73 degrees
Humidity: 20 percent
Wind: 25 mph
Location: Marco de Niza High School, Chandler, Arizona
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Sequence 3M

Injury update: Two steps into the workout I got an excruciating sharp pain in my upper right quad. Not a peep in the warm up and no real issue at jogging pace but any force at all and it is like getting hit with an ice pick. Spectacular.

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monday, february 20, 2012

Track Work

Distance: 4.26 miles
Time: 29:08

Comments: This was a lot of short distances at high speed. When I say I hate speed work, this is why. It simply hurts like hell to do. But before I complain too much I have to note that it's lot easier to do this on cooler days like today than later in the summer when the temperatures are in the triple digits.

I've gone back through some of the literature lately looking for things I can work on without putting too much pressure on myself. Sometimes we get so hung up on pace and speed we forget there are so many little elements to running that, if you work on them, will deliver those down the line.

The thing I've decided to work on is turnover. Trying to keep my steps as quick and consistent as possible -- just varying the length of the stride as necessary. Dean had us do a pair of 400s to warm up for the workout with the caveat they had to be as close to the same time as possible. Instead of focusing on my speed I simply tried to replicate the turnover of my steps and, waddaya know, I nailed it. read more

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monday, february 13, 2012

Track Work

Distance: 4.37 miles
Time: 35:35

Comments: I knew this one was going to be brutal and it certainly didn't disappoint. I was pretty sore all weekend after the trail run. My lower legs simply have not had that much asked of them in awhile and I was tottering about for most of the last two days as a result.

That said, I didn't feel I did anything stupid and there wasn't any kind of pain that would set of any alarms. Coach Dean said he thought the progress was good and we agreed on the 20-25 mile per week plan for the next six weeks or so.

Which means the track is where the progress is going to be made so I need to get use to its particular flavor of pain pretty quick.

Today was a pretty straightforward workout. Run a mile, then a half mile, a quarter, a 300, a 200 and finish with a 100. The key in each of these is pacing. Holding a consistent high effort the whole way for all of them. In my case we scaled back the expectations a bit for the two longer ones. read more

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monday, february 06, 2012

Track Work

Distance: 5.36 miles
Time: 43:08

Comments: So it was my not-so-triumphant return to the track. The long run on Saturday went well enough that I felt it was time to take the next step and add a little intensity to the week's workouts.

Obviously, I'm not even close to putting in the type of effort like I would have expected to have been asked to do in the past. Instead Coach Dean and I just decided to get a bit of a benchmark on where I am at without doing anything stupid.

The workout started with a two-mile run but pushing the pace to the 7 min/mi level on the straightaways and pulling b What became clear pretty fast was my Garmin couldn't track my effort by 100 meter increments so I just guesstimated.

As we expected, I started strong but was laboring pretty hard toward the end. Still, I kept both miles in the 7:43 overall pace which would be in the ballpark of what we were aiming for overall. read more

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monday, august 15, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 2:93 miles
Time: 22:00

Comments: And, with that, my training comes to an end. After the long run in Washington, my lower left shin was pretty sore and it got worse with the following workouts. I stayed off it almost a full week and went into this workout hoping things were better. They weren't.

As bad as it was to be in the heat, I felt very strong on my warm up lap. Coach had us do 2.5 miles at 10K pace - about 1:40 per lap for me. The first two-and-a-half went fine but the last 600 meters the leg started complaining again. Dean had me try it on the grass and I got in one good lap and then the same problem.

So going to Oregon gave me the answer I was looking for, given the limited time before the race I can't put the amount of miles in and stay uninjured. Now the goal is to heal up and start all over again. This time, of course, I'll do it very slowly and not set a target race until I know I can get through the training. read more

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monday, august 08, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5:45 miles
Time: 46:11

Comments: The post-long-run rest day was filled with a long car ride back to Oregon. This was good in that I was off my feet but not-so-good in that I spent hours sitting in one position. Waking up today I could tell I was still not back to full speed but not so bad skipping the workout would be necessary.

The cool overcast weather arrived in Oregon so the conditions of the run couldn't have been better. There were a couple of moms out on the track power walking with strollers but they were real nice and kept to the outside lanes while I did my workout. read more

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tuesday, august 02, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5:32 miles
Time: 44:21

Comments: The ride to Eugene left me pretty sore yesterday afternoon but I felt pretty good this morning. Since I knew it would be far cooler this track workout than my last one, I waited till mid-morning to go out and get after it - when there would be a bit of heat and sun to contend with.

There was nobody at the middle school track except for the guy mowing the grass. Which was a nice change from the cacophony that sometimes accompanies the workouts in Arizona.

I planned on putting in 14 laps with one minute rest - a bump up of two from the last speed workout like this. With temperatures more than 30 degrees cooler I figured I could handle it. read more

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tuesday, july 26, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 4:67 miles
Time: 41:00

Comments: The "long" run on Saturday was a little rougher on my legs than I expected. I was pretty sore most of yesterday and still felt it a bit this morning. I think it was more the concrete surface than the exertion but either way it was more than I expected.

With my trip to Oregon hopefully gaining me better running weather, this week will be something of a baseline - an effort to see what I can get in here under these conditions and then gauging next week by that. So rather than anything fancy, it was just a heap of 400s at 5K with a minute rest for this evening. read more

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thursday, july 14, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4:09 miles
Time: 50:01

Comments: I looked at the calendar today and saw that there are just fourteen weeks left until this race. That's basically three months to get my strength up to point I can survive. Not a lot of time at all.

Coach Dean said that means we need to start looking at more distance which didn't come as much of a surprise. Obviously, the time has come to finish these workouts no matter how gruesome they get. And no better time to start than the present.

Last week I cut short the speed/strength workout and this week I was resolved to get it done. Basically eight reps with two of them for 800m instead of the usual 400m. The weather was a lot more conducive to the effort but it turned into a haul nonetheless. read more

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monday, july 11, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 4:21 miles
Time: 33:48

Comments: Not sure what hit me but I was out of it the last three days. I was feeling guilty about cutting the speed/strength effort short on Thursday but felt worse every day after that. Zero miles.

I felt a lot better this morning and that continued right up till I got to the track. Went over the situation with Coach Dean and we decided to do a short fast workout, adding laps at the end of it depending on how I felt.

The start was three 800s run at 5K pace then fast for the last 200m. I did this backwards on the first one, rolling in at 1:30 for the first lap and 1:35 for the second. After that I screwed up the Garmin and just guestimated my pace for the second 800m. I was trying to hold back a touch on the first lap, hold steady the next 200m and then pour it on for the end. That was pretty close to what I did on the third 800m. read more

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thursday, july 07, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 2:85 miles
Time: 32:07

Comments: Another terrible workout. While I wasn't really dreading it like sometimes happens, I really couldn't get into this workout for some reason. Not only did I feel sluggish and unfocused, the weather was back into that super-hot and humid mode that makes it even harder.

I did the first three laps pretty well and then pushed to get the 800 meter fourth lap. That pretty much shot my bolt. I did one more and that was it. I probably could have toughed it out but given the amount that my time fell off on the last 400 meters - more than 10 seconds, I doubted I would be doing myself any good.

I'll try and get six miles in tomorrow to at least get the distance in for the week.

Hour: 7:00 p.m. read more

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thursday, june 30, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4:38 miles
Time: 55:33

Comments: The workout kind of loomed over me all day due to the difficulty I've had over the past few weeks. Speed/Strength is always the toughest workout of the week and that's even worse when the temperatures are past the century mark. It's not that I was dreading it, I just was a little concerned of how my performance would be.

The plan was to build on the progress from last week - eight laps and one extra without the exercises. I got started a little before the main group since the constant whining about the workout on the part of the high school kids was really getting on my nerves. read more

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monday, june 27, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 3:53 miles
Time: 34:07

Comments: Two big problems going into today's effort; No. 1 The Heat, when we arrived at the track it was 116 degrees; No. 2 My ass, I was still concerned bout the return of the upper hamstring pain on Saturday. The solution, according to Coach Dean, was a shortened round of stadium laps. The idea being to put in a workout that seemed to address the soreness in the leg and shortening it to an amount the weather allowed.

The plan was 30 minutes but after half that I was done. The temperature fell a few degrees by the time I got going with the workout itself but it was still brutal. And the steps were completely in the sun. I'm in better shape but these are extreme conditions that take a huge toll on performance.

The result was another shortened workout - I only did 20 minutes - and that nagging feeling of slacking off. I know there really isn't much I can do about things right now and pushing it is the absolute worst option, but a bit of a breakthrough would be seriously welcomed. read more

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thursday, june 23, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.53 miles
Time: 42:57

Comments: I knew this was gonna be a tough one and so it was. Temperatures were just as brutal as yesterday and I definitely had a touch of fatigue in the legs. But that's to be expected with my first back-to-back workout of this training period.

The goal was speed strength with one more than last week. I started with the intention of trying to get eight in but dialed back to one more than what I did last week. Thus a set of seven with the exercises, full recovery and then a 400 as good as I could go.

Overall this was tough but much more within my abilities. The 400s were hard but I wasn't simply hanging on to get through them. I still have a lot of strength to gain but I'm at least starting to see some improvement on the conditioning side. read more

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monday, june 20, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 4:39 miles
Time: 34:05

Comments: The workout today involved a number of longer speed distances, 600s and 400s, so I decided to go with that rather than another round with the speed/strength. Going to four days a week will put enough stress on my legs, two exhausting workouts like that might not be the wisest idea at this point in the training.

Rob had us doing a goofy workout. It started with a 5K pace 400. Three minutes rest. Then a 600m at 5K, one minute rest, 400m at mile pace, 30 second rest, a 300m at mile pace, 30 secs another 300m and done. Rest three minutes. Go back to the 600 and do the whole series again. Rest seven minutes and do one last 400m flat out. read more

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monday, june 13, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.56 miles
Time: 42:00

Comments:The trail run on Saturday walloped me good on Sunday. I felt better than I expected this morning but I knew the workout would be a bear. The rest of the group was doing speed stuff but I decided to stick to my strength routine. Partly out of concern for injury.

Still, I did the first lap with the group's "5K pace" which, as usual, was significantly faster than 5K pace. I rolled in at 87 seconds and, interestingly, felt pretty good the whole way. I knew I'd pay for it later in the workout but it was nice to just let 'er rip for once. read more

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thursday, june 09, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.50 miles
Time: 40:23

Comments: Got to chat with Coach a bit before this workout and filled him in on my marathon plans. He thought it was a doable plan and made a few suggestions to handling the training. So I guess we are good to go in that department.

As for today's workout, he urged me to pull back on the number of reps and focus more on the quality of the ones I was doing. He also switched the bleacher runs with 10 yards of lunges to do more work on the quads. These, it turned out, whipped my ass.

As usual, the goal is to keep the 400 times consistent and my first three were reasonable. Yet after the first set of exercises I could tell there was going to be a pretty severe dropoff. The last three 400s were a struggle to get it down to 100 seconds. read more

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monday, june 06, 2011

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3.72 miles
Time: 46:33

Comments: With the decision to enter the race, the motivation issues pretty much evaporated. I have to really maximize my build-up effort and no better time to get started than today.

Coach Dean and I had decided on a speed strength workout last week and when Rob said there was a different schedule I opted to stick with the original plan. I'm pretty happy with the lack of injury issues thus far and pushing it with speed work too soon doesn't make much sense to me.

Typically, speed/strength workouts involve eight laps (one 400 with a series of exercises at the end of each; crunches, pushups, the jumpy things and one ascent of the bleachers) but I decided to stay with the more conservative six. That'll work out since I'll end up with two of these workouts this week. read more

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thursday, june 02, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5.16 miles
Time: 55:22

Comments: The idea was pretty simple, add another ten minutes to the stadium step workout. The rest of the group started speed strength but I'm using this week to kick start core work so that doesn't nail me as well.

After the warm up mile I idled a bit because I knew this would be a bear. The first half of the workout went well enough - certainly better than the same effort a week or so ago - but it turned into the expected slog after that. My 300s were so woefully under 5K pace it was pathetic.

Still, I got it done in reasonably good order. We'll see if the effort has me set for the real conditioning efforts next week.

Hour: 6:00 p.m.
Surface: track
Weather: clear read more

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monday, may 30, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 4.54 miles
Time: 45:48

Comments: I didn't run on the weekend and felt pretty slack about it. The time is rapidly coming that this half-assed approach will have to come to an end. Today was a bit of an effort to make up for it. Back at the track and back on the strength training.

The workout was a repeat of last Monday, stadium laps: run a 300m at 5K or best possible, hit the bleachers for to ascents and repeat. I got in six laps in 20 minutes before, this time I was shooting for half-an-hour.

The weather was a lot more forgiving but the effort was still sloppy as hell. There's not conditioning or stamina at all. It's just a gut-it-out effort to finish. I put in nine laps at just under 32 minutes. An improvement but a damn long way to go as well. read more

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monday, may 23, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 3.64 miles
Time: 35:36

Comments: After a host of unexpected delays, I finally got back on the track. The plan is to treat the first week as a transition from inactivity to actual workouts. I should be good and sore starting tomorrow and the next seven days to follow.

The late spring has been relatively cool but temperatures got pretty warm today and the wind decided to pick up a bit. That combo is likely to get worse from here on out so I might as well get used to it.

The group is ahead of me now but in the same phase of training. So Rob recommended one of their recent workouts paired down a bit to get me started - Stadium laps for 20 minutes. These are 300s at 5K pace with two ascents of the stadium steps and to easy descents. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. read more

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thursday, march 10, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 3.74 miles
Time: 26:01

Comments: It has been two weeks since my last run. There a host of reasons for this but burnout might be the best one. The plan now is to just get the stamina back without allowing a complete deterioration of conditioning.

That said, a fast mile repeat workout might not have been the best idea. I felt pretty good in the warmup but the temperature was much hotter than my last run and the humidity damn near nonexistent. It would be unpleasant.

The workout was for five mile repeats alternating 10K and 5K pace with three minute rest. I knocked out the first one pretty well at 6:34 but my hamstring was noticeably tight. The second one started OK but at the half mile mark I stopped (3:10). The reason was the tightening hamstring but I could have just been whooped. read more

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thursday, february 24, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5.84 miles
Time: 47:28

Comments: After having the masseuse beat the crap out of my legs Tuesday I took the extra day off to recover fully. I really would like to get a 20-miler in this weekend and just tossing in an extra run for the hell of it is not the brightest strategy.

So I wanted to get a strong effort in today at the track. Without having any injury issues, of course. Coach Dean gave us (Rob and I) 8 X 800s at 5K pace with 1:30 rest. Obviously I figured we'd do them a shade fast so I had Rob take the lead on the first ones.

And we handled them pretty much like I expected -- a bit too fast. But Rob is a lot more consistent on pacing than I am so we didn't do any of those crazy mile-pace efforts I'm sometimes wont to do on this type of workout. read more

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monday, february 21, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 1.97 miles
Time: 15:45

Comments: The race yesterday left me a bit more sore than I expected. It was more of just a sort of soreness all over than anything really specific. Nothing so bad I felt I wouldn't be able to do the track workout.

Still, the idea was to make this a recovery workout. A good dose of speed but not a huge amount of distance. Ten (or 12 if I felt really good) 200 meters at mile pace with a 50-yard walk to recover. Seemed reasonable enough.

I felt not just very strong for these but smooth in my execution as well. I got through four of them all at just about :39 seconds. The fifth I did in 38 seconds but my right hamstring felt tight on the last bit of it.

Rob came in behind me and warned me not to push too hard today since I had raced yesterday. Turned out to be a timely warning as my hamstring gave me a little jab at the halfway point of the next 200. I simply stopped and called the workout "over." read more

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thursday, february 17, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 6.54 miles
Time: 52:59

Comments: So I was not feeling spectacular yesterday but today there wasn't any real issues prior to the workout. I'm pretty clearly a little gunshy of injuries now but that's still better than having an actual injury.

We decided on doing ladders again since they gave a good intense 4 miles but without beating the legs like the mile repeats. The plan was add a 400m every lap to a mile and then climb back down.

Jason jumped in with me and as a result we pushed them a little faster than I was planning. The first lap was horrible but I fell into a nice groove for the 800 and the 1200. The mile was pretty rough and Jason blew way ahead of me. I just tried to hold the same pace as the 1200. read more

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monday, february 14, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 4.83 miles
Time: 41:11

Comments: The legs felt pretty good after the long run but it certainly took it's toll. Old man naps were par for the course both yesterday and today. Yet I didn't have that completely drained feeling I've had after really difficult long runs.

Since it looks like I'll be aiming to do the half-marathon this weekend I was concerned about today's workout. With no rest since the long run I was a little reticent to undertake the intense effort of last week. So I planned on running just 12 400s and a bit slower as well.

Of course that went out the window the first time round the track. Rob and Jason -- who are both planning on doing the race this weekend in some form or another -- were doing these with me so of course I found myself pushing the pace harder than I should have. read more

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thursday, february 10, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5.55 miles
Time: 44:14

Comments: For some reason I felt rough today. I got up feeling tired and achy and it kinda hung around all day. Not sick or bad really, just worn out.

Weirdly enough, it wasn't the kind of tired that makes me tend to want to procrastinate about the run. I was a little concerned about being able to do the mile intervals. Dean suggested doing ladders instead and that made sense.

The goal was to do these at 5K pace but, of course, I blew out the first two right at mile pace. And damn well felt it. I got on track for the first 1200 but the damage was already done. read more

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monday, february 07, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 6.31 miles
Time: 1:01:15

Comments: I had a few beers during the game and added a couple more after I got home. As a result, I was pretty dehydrated this morning. It got better as the day progressed but I was a little worried about the workout given how dry it's been here.

The workout was the same as last Monday, 16 X 400 meters at 5K pace with a minute rest. Rob decided to join in for a dozen of 'em as he's recovered from his injury and getting back into training. The goal was 5K pace but I was actually shooting for 1:30, a little closer to true mile pace. read more

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thursday, february 03, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 36:38

Comments: I'll be honest, I simply was not particularly excited about this run. Between my recent mental and physical lassitude and the sudden drop in the temperatures, my motivation simply has evaporated. Still, it would be stupid to just abandon my progress thus far due to ennui. So off I went to the track.

The training schedule had another mid-week bout of mile repeats in store for me. I was a bit more optimistic about them since we weren't knocked off the track tonight. I was able to try and hit the right lap speed on the 400s and maintain a consistency through the whole mile.

On the 5K miles I was trying to put it in the 1:35 range but no slower than 1:40. On the 10K miles I was trying to put it in the 1:40 range with no slower than 1:45. For the most part, I got that. The 6:29 miles would translate to a 20:00 5K and the 6:53 miles would translate to a 42:45 10K. read more

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monday, january 24, 2011

Track Work

Distance: 7.18 miles
Time: 1:13:20

Comments: It has been almost an entire month since I've been to the track. With the layoff from the injury and the abbreviated recovery regimen, speed work has gone by the wayside. So I was a little apprehensive about what this might be like tonight.

I got out a little later than I wanted and did the warm up a lot slower than I usually do. The legs felt pretty good though so I was reasonably optimistic. The workout was 16 400's at 5K or so and a rest of walking a 200 (or about 2.5 minutes). I figured I should be in the 1:30 to 1:35 range given my previous 5K times.

So on the first one I tried to do a strong but not insanely fast pace. And knocked out a sub-90 second lap. The next one and the one after that... same story. So I figured that's what my legs were wanting to do tonight and tried to cleave to consistency. For the most part I succeeded. read more

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monday, december 27, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 6.03 miles
Time: 55:00

Comments: I woke up feeling pretty sore and tired in the wake of the 20 mile effort. I had serious doubts about the workout but after a mid-day nap I felt a lot better. It still promised to be a slog but one that I had a reasonable chance of completing.

I was pretty stiff in the warm-up mile but not appreciably sore or achy. So the planned 12 X 400s at mile pace (with 1:30 rest between each lap) were officially on the menu and ready to be enjoyed. Delightful.

According to my last time trial, my pace should have been in the 1:30 range. I cranked out the first one at 1:28 but, after that, I found myself falling more naturally into the 1:25 ballpark. read more

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sunday, december 19, 2010

Track Work/Goal Pace Run

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 53:47
Pace: 7:40

Comments: Back on the track for the goal pace run. Due to the unplanned layoff last week I didn't give myself an off day after the long run and just went right into the planned week of training.

Today was a 7 mile goal pace run which I was going to run by 400 meter stretches - just trying to nail 1:54 every lap around the track. This went pretty well. There was some variation of as much as three seconds on some of them but most came pretty close to the mark. My final average pace was in our window of acceptability: 7:40.

I did speak with Coach Dean about my progress and whether we should be continuing to target the January race or the one three weeks later.

He now feels the extra few weeks are needed to reach the proper level of stamina for this effort. I'm really close but "a step behind" as he put it. The additional training could be the difference. read more

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sunday, december 05, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 53:07
Pace: 7:35

Comments: Even though this was at the track, the workout tonight was a straight up goal pace run. The difference was that instead of focusing on my pace by looking at the Garmin or by the mile intervals, I was going to try and hit every lap at a specific time -- 1:54.

The last time I did this workout we misjudged that lap time and I did the workout a bit overfast but we figured this was a bit more on target with my goal pace effort.

To keep my focus I turned the Garmin on the usual mile splits, started it when I got going and made myself ignore it. The rest of the run I focused on my regular wristwatch chronometer and tried to get the splits right. read more

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wednesday, december 01, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 6.22 miles
Time: 46:44

Comments: I ended up taking a full week off running due to a lot of different circumstances -- almost none of which were to any degree enjoyable. But hopping back onto the training train at the track seemed to make sense anyway so off I went this evening.

Coach Dean didn't seem too concerned about my layoff but did think we needed to jigger the training schedule a bit to fit the circumstances. For tonight that meant my workout was changed from long intervals to ladders. He wanted them all at 5K pace save the mile in the middle which was to be at 10K pace. (1:30 rest except for the mile which carried 2 minutes entirely)

I was about to get going when Jeff showed up and Dean told him to join me. Jeff said he'd been on hiatus for awhile but I know for a fact he's a lot stronger runner than I am. Keeping up with me would be no problem. read more

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wednesday, november 10, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 5.93 miles
Time: 41:46

Comments: Yesterday I went by the University of Alabama's Sam Bailey Track and Field Stadium to see if it was accessible to run on during the day. I spoke with one of the coaches who said that would be no problem as long as I did it around the team's workouts.

So this morning I got on my bike and headed down there to get my first track workout in for quite awhile. Doing the first warm-up lap I noticed something pretty intimidating/inspiring about the facility. It's right by Alabama football's outdoor practice field and Coach Bryant's tower is in clear view. Slacking off is not an option.

There were just a few runners out there when I arrived. A couple of guys were working on hurdles, a distance runner getting laps and a coach out with a high school kid. A very nice running environment. read more

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sunday, october 24, 2010

Goal Pace Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 32:47

Comments: The goal here was simple -- turn in a goal pace run with as many of the quarter-mile segments on target as possible. Confering with Coach Dean that meant nailing 1:34 every lap.

Now I know my pacing is still awry and that the first few were likely to be kind of goofy. This turned out to be the case as I went out a little too quickly and then, a few laps later, I messed up with the Garmin. Still, I hit the target dead on with lap 5.

One thing I found pretty frustrating with the track was I would finish a lap a little slow and then try to quicken the pace on the first 150 meters or so. Then I would realize I was going too fast and ease up a bit on the next 150 meters. The last 100 meters would be trying to find the balance followed by crossing the line... a few seconds too slow. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. read more

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wednesday, october 20, 2010

Track Work/Time Trial

Distance: 3:98 miles
Time: 25:52

Comments: In the meeting with Coach Dean on Monday we decided that it was probably time for a time trial. I've pretty much gotten back in training shape and having a clear bead on where I stand in terms of production would be helpful.

A cold front came through and cooled temperatures down considerably so that was a bit of a break for me. I tried to keep focused most of the day and in the right mindset, with mixed results. Usually I don't let time trials get into my head but I really wanted to break that damned six-minute barrier that I can't seem to overcome.

Well. It didn't happen tonight either. I got to the track and got in a rather fast warmup then chatted a bit with Coach before getting set to go. I was trying to get that sharp focus and I felt pretty close it just wouldn't happen. read more

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thursday, october 14, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 3.76 miles
Time: 26:21

Comments: With the intense work on Monday and the better-than-recovery-pace on Tuesday, I opted to skip the run yesterday in anticipation of the track effort today. It turns out Rob is going to do this race as well so we both ended up getting the same prescription for the evening -- a half ladder (1600m, 800m, 400m & 200m) at 5K pace or better.

I've run enough with Rob to know that he's not just faster than me in these efforts but also tends to do them slightly fast. So I planned to use him to pace me on the first laps and then try to drop them into 1:30 lap pace or so if I could. That's my probably time trial pace but good enough for this workout.

And that's pretty much what happened. We stayed pretty close the first lap of the 1600 and 800 but then he pulled away and I ended up with a time just faster than what I expect my 5K pace is probably at right now. I tried to cruise the 400 but I deliberately turned on the burners for the 200m. read more

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monday, october 11, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4:38 miles
Time: 26:47

Comments: A very difficult effort tonight. It has been awhile since I've done a flat out speed workout like this and it was just as painful as I remembered it being.

The weather tonight was about ideal. A little warm but very little humidity and now the sun is down by the time we start running so we don't bake as we go. Still, I sweat a lot during this one. And for good reason. The workout was 16 x 300 meters at mile pace or better. The rest being a walk of the 100 meter turn on the way back to the starting line. Basically, three miles as about as fast as possible.

I started off with Rob and Tassir. Rob said he was trying to do one minute or better so I figured I would hang with him for a few and, if I could hang with his pace, stay with him for the whole workout. As I expected, my pacing was horrible. I was flat sprinting at the front, lagging on the curve and pushing to hard on the final straightaway. read more

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monday, october 04, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 3:69 miles
Time: 24:11

Comments: It has been a real bear to get motivated to run this last week. This was complicated today by a quick but intense storm that pushed through a few hours before track time. It wasn't cancelled but I found myself in the mental mode it had been right up till the time I started my warm-up.

Since Coach Dean was sick, I really didn't know if I should keep with speed strength or what. I decided to just hook along with the regular workout which Rob decided to be 12x400m at 5K pace -- or, basically, speed strength without the strength component.

But between the extremely controlled rest segment, one minute, and hitting the workout with other runners again this made a lot of sense. read more

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monday, september 20, 2010

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 3:93 miles
Time: 25:43

Comments: I really felt pretty "blah" today. Not sore but tired and listless. Not to mention unmotivated. I got out to the track and talked with Coach Dean a bit about our plan for this next month as well as the workout. The same as the last few weeks, just with one more lap to the pile.

I started out pretty strong but didn't feel like I was setting the world on fire. Still, the time wasn't bad and the goal here was consistency not setting a land speed record. So I kept trying for a solid first 200 meters and then hang on for the back half. read more

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monday, september 13, 2010

Track Work/Speed Strength

Distance: 4.09 miles
Time: 30:17

Comments: I flew back from Alabama today and realized I would have sufficient time to get to the track for the workout tonight.

Given that I was on my feet all day Saturday for the game and slogged through a long run yesterday, I was a little apprehensive about another intense workout so soon. But Coach seemed to think that my strength level has been good enough to handle it.

The plan was to do the same workout as last week which I didn't complete; eight speed/strength laps with one in the middle of two laps. I told coach I'd try to put it earlier in the workout to keep the pace up. And I did. The second lap. read more

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monday, september 06, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4.09 miles
Time: 30:17

Comments: It is just a few hours until I head off to Tuscaloosa so I was feeling pretty pumped for the workout. I took my MP3 player to keep the momentum going and knocked out a brisk warm up mile.

Instead of another speed strength lap, Coach wanted me to put a half-mile in the middle somewhere. Which is roughly the same effect. Since I was feeling so up to star I decided to crank out the first 400 super fast and then settle into the pace (the opposite of what I had been doing in recent weeks).

So I kept the music on the first one and blew through a 78 second 400 meter. I then did the exercises and did a pretty quick second one as well without the headset. Then, another good one with the music back on. And then I realized I screwed up. read more

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monday, august 30, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4.52 miles
Time: 41:00

Comments: My sister came over after 5:00 and we headed to the track even though it was way early for the workout. I got in my warm-up mile but took off for the workout just as everyone got there. I knew what it was supposed to be (speed strength but with one more lap than last week) and I didn't want too cool down too much before getting to it.

After the strong trail work over the weekend I was hoping to feel more in control today but it really wasn't there. I clearly was faster and had a lot more strength at my disposal. My average 400 time was 90 seconds, a full eight seconds off the first workout two weeks ago and a solid six seconds off last week's effort. Of course the ten degree difference in temperature had a lot to do with that as well. read more

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tuesday, august 24, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 2.9 miles
Time: 21:16

Comments: There was some kind of to do at the high school so the parking lot was packed. I had to drive around the block for a spot. It was like going to the clubs back in Dallas. As a result, I was a bit later that everyone else.

Which didn't matter much since I was doing speed strength and they were doing whatever horrid spectacle of pain Coach Dean had dreamed up. I was a little apprehensive to really pile it on after Saturday's run but Dean said it should be fine. So the goal was a total of seven -- one more than last week.

And I have to say, the first felt pretty good. I was on point, focused and in control. I knew it wouldn't last given the heat but it was nice to have that sensation again. By the third lap, it was pretty much done. read more

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tuesday, august 17, 2010

Track Work

Distance: 4 miles (approx)
Time: 43.28

Comments: First time back at the track in quite awhile. As one would expect given that situation, the workout was good ole speed/strength.

Things progressed pretty much as I expected. I was nowhere near ready for the workout but not completely at a loss to complete it either. The first few were extremely sloppy and my strength was pretty much gone for the last ones.

Still, after blasting out a stupidly fast first 400 the rest hovered in the 1:40 range (my average time worked out to just more than 1:38). That's pretty much what Coach Dean and I were expecting for this effort. read more

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