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sunday, february 05, 2012

January Report

While I didn't set the world on fire my first month back on the pavement, I didn't completely suck either. I put in a total of 50.36 miles in 7 hours and 34 minutes - just more than a nine minute/mile pace overall.

My mileage stayed pretty low. There wasn't a week with more than 15 total miles and I didn't do any single run farther than six miles. I did squeeze in a 5K race that was a nice change of pace if nothing else.

Still, looking at the week-to-week totals, I consistently increased the mileage while lowering the overall pace. That's pretty much all I was hoping for. Well, that and no injury flare-ups which I'm happy to say I've avoided as well.

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sunday, january 01, 2012

Getting Back Into It

First and most importantly, this is not a New Year's resolution. I'm not turning over any type of new leaf or making any kind of big life change. It's time to pick up running again and this is the start of that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The last time I ran was mid-September. My training hopes had gone awry due to injury, work demands and general chaos. The last few weeks I ran were a valiant attempt to forestall the inevitable but I finally just cut bait and moved on.

Over the past few months I've considered starting up again but a host of issues kept that from happening. Not the least of which was a month spent in Tuscaloosa which totally disrupted my regular routine. Rather than try to start while juggling a ton of other priorities, I put the shoes away until I could give them the focus they deserved. read more

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sunday, january 31, 2010

Training Conference

After battling the hip pain for at least six weeks I finally just decided to throw in the towel. It didn't make any sense at all to keep pounding away at this, enduring this much pain for no real goal whatsoever.

As a result I didn't run at all for three weeks and let myself recover from whatever the hell I had messed up. To compensate somewhat, I hauled out the thrice damned roman chair a week ago and started hitting it every other day.

I talked with Coach Dean this morning and we decided to just go back to speed strength and start pretty much from scratch. Hopefully, since I just took three weeks off instead of the usual three months, it won't be completely from scratch.

Goalwise we have decided on the Portland Marathon scheduled for October 10. The idea being this. For the next six to eight weeks I'll work exclusively on building strength (at the expense of any sort of distance at all) and, after that, we'll have a sense of where I am physically. That will put us at the end of March. read more

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saturday, july 25, 2009

Chocolate Milk: The Miracle Post-Workout Recovery Drink?

Chocolate milk never was a favorite of mine. I like both chocolate and milk well enough but the mixture of the two seemed oversweet and, frankly, unnecessary. Until this week I probably hadn't consumed the concoction in well over three decades.

It turns out that this childhood dietary staple is gaining something of a reputation as a magic bullet for endurance training and, after a period of skeptical resistance, I've decided to give it a try.

Although the use of chocolate milk as a post-exercise panacea has been vogue among the fitness cognoscenti for at least five years, I first heard about it at Owen Anderson's running camp earlier this month. As surprised as I was when my fellow runner floated the idea I was pretty much shocked when Coach Owen proved to be enthusiastic about it. read more

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friday, july 10, 2009

Owen Anderson Running Camp

Owen Anderson is a renowned researcher, author and coach who specializes in training, sports nutrition, and injury prevention. For the past 15 years he has espoused a "neural system" for training that focuses on high quality running and strength rather than the traditional emphasis on mileage. His website, Educated Runner, is a treasure trove of information about his approach and methods.

Anderson has repeatedly visited Kenya to study the techniques of the phenomenal endurance runners that hail from the African nation. His training program integrates the practical observations of those experiences with a formidable amount of research.

Each year he holds a number of week long training camps to educate runners on his approach and I attended his inaugural one at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR from July 4 through July 9. The opportunity to run in a place where so many legends of American running have made their mark was an amazing experience.
Day One: Welcome to Eugene, OR read more

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sunday, october 28, 2007

The Seven Bridges Walk

The marathon last month gave me a hankering to see more of Sydney from street level and about a week ago I stumbled over the website for the Seven Bridges Walk. This event consists of a roughly 25 kilometer course around the west side of Sydney Harbor crossing seven bridges that span various waterways.

It’s not a race and the course, though marked, was not closed. You got a “passport” which you could receive stamps at each of the bridges to show you had crossed them. There were also about a half-dozen “villages” set up with aid stations, water and concessions. read more

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thursday, january 18, 2007

Fellow Travelers

Over the past few days while I have been laid up trying to recover from my race I have spent a bit of time online searching out the stories of other folks who suceeded in crossing the finish line of the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.

Turns out there were a lot of people from all walks of life who showed up for both the races - a total of 36,617, to be exact. These folks went out, did their best and then quite a few of them sat down and posted an entry about it on their websites.

I'm sure every runner will be able to relate with the tales of triumph as well as heartache to be found in these many entries. But if you haven't run a race yet you should really take some time to go through them all. There is one that will resonate with you, I promise. I wish I had found blog entries like these to inspire me during those long months of training. read more

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tuesday, january 16, 2007

...and what came after.

Arriving home after the race meant facing my last huge challenge of the day - the stairs. It's just two short flights but it was like climbing a mountain without the benefit of porters. I did it on my own but every one of the 16 steps was as hard as the final mile of the marathon. Especially after sitting down for 45 minutes on the ride home.

But I made it. Under my own power. And somehow found a little extra strength to crawl into bed as well. Dad had bought my ice for my ritual post-run bath. I told him not to bother. I certainly couldn't handle any more pain and I was more than a little worried I would pass out due to the extreme level of fatigue.

Mom had a few pain pills left over from an operation she had last year. These turned out to be my saving grace. I'm not really big on self-medicating oneself but these worked to cut the edge off the agony so I could at least approximate comfort. The pain didn't go away, but it stayed in the corner on the other side of the room for a little while at least. read more

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